Google Alert RSS Feeds Are AMAZING!

The BEST trick I have learned lately is to find out that Google Alerts can be set up as RSS feeds instead of sent to your email. Wait… WHAT?!? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that before?? Seriously! Just change “Deliver to” to RSS feed instead of your email address. […]

Another New Blogging Adventure

So I have another idea… which means yet another blogging adventure for me. I’m feeling quite confident about this one, IF I can just get over myself and DO something about it. That has been a struggle so far. The new site would be more along the affiliate networking line. […]

Google AdSense Site Management

I swear – I learn something new about websites every single day. That’s a GOOD thing though! I spent a lot of time yesterday making changes to a couple of websites. I completely overhauled one site that hadn’t had any major updates in… uh… a couple of years at least? […]

Let’s Talk Blogging and Social Media!

My January goal, originally, was to post at least one new blog entry per day on at least one of my blogs. Has that happened? NO! Let me tell you WHY… I’m reading How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup and I’m realizing something – there’s a […]

New Website And First Reader Contribution!

Remember a while back when I said I was setting up the ability for readers to contribute content to one of my websites? People contact me quite often asking how to submit content, but hardly anyone follows through on that. I wanted to make it EASY for people to submit […]