Just Add Cockroaches!

I decided something was still missing in my life. I’m really enjoying the dubia roaches but I need to LEAVE THEM ALONE and let them breed. They are here for a purpose and that’s to feed Charley. Did you know there are other roaches that you CAN handle and play […]

So Many Reasons To Smile

I recently started a new blog to write about some things that were on my mind that I didn’t want to write about here. I’ve been having trouble blogging there though. Why? I can’t seem to get in the “right” frame of mind for that blog. It has more of […]

Minor Upgrade To Living Space – Major Impact

One of the things I have been reading¬†about lately is learning to live the life you want – before you actually *have* the life you want. This is a little confusing to some who haven’t read about this concept, but it’s not a difficult concept. You can’t attract things you […]

$10 Investment In My Mornings

As with anything in my life, a deal pops up on a deal site and the gears start turning in my head: How can I make this work for me to make my life “easier”? Such a deal popped up last week and I jumped on it. This Shower-Mate bluetooth […]