Adventure Awaits!

A few weeks ago I found this little sign at Dollar Tree and HAD to have it!! Oh my! Has life ever been an adventure since this sign came into my life! Almost a prediction it would seem. I’m still getting out, meeting new people, trying new things, making friends. […]

ME Version 2.0 – Defining Who I Am

In my last blog post (TWO MONTHS AGO? 🙁 ) I mentioned that I was studying Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich. I am actually in round two of my mastermind group, and I’m enjoying this material more now than I did two months ago! One of the main ideas […]

New Life, New Beginnings

I’m itching to start blogging regularly very SOON! There have been so many changes in my life over the past six months. I’ve had a lot of revelations and come to an understanding about a lot of things. All GOOD things of course! I feel like I have a new […]

Just Add Cockroaches!

I decided something was still missing in my life. I’m really enjoying the dubia roaches but I need to LEAVE THEM ALONE and let them breed. They are here for a purpose and that’s to feed Charley. Did you know there are other roaches that you CAN handle and play […]

2016 Has Been A GREAT Year!

I’m seeing a lot of people complaining online that 2016 was a horrible year. I don’t at all feel that way. 2016 was a GREAT year for me!! When I look back at all the things I got to experience this year, how could I NOT think 2016 was so […]