Music Monday: Reunion – Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)

The first time I stumbled across this song, I was blown away. WHERE had this song been all my life?!? Everything about it is so wonderful, I really couldn’t understand how I had made it to my 30s without ever hearing it before. Crazy! Some day… I swear to you… […]

Music Monday: The Moody Blues – I Know You’re Out There Somewhere

It’s hard to believe that we are on the eve of the day I first met my husband – 17 years ago! How is that even possible?! We actually “met” online in a chat room a few months prior to that. Yeah, it’s common to meet people online these days, […]

Music Monday: Anne Murray – Hippo In The Bathtub

Today it’s a big ole Happy Birthday to my DAD!!! 🙂 I was trying to think of a good song to share today that makes me think of my dad. Definitely this one!! We had this album on vinyl growing up and I used to listen to it all. the. […]

Music Monday: David Bowie – Magic Dance (Labyrinth)

If I’d had any idea about the news that last Monday would bring us, THIS would have been my post instead. I don’t know anyone in my generation that doesn’t LOVE this song and this scene. 🙂 I debated over posting the full album version of the song vs. posting […]

Music Monday: Meat Loaf – Stand In The Storm

I have decided to bring back my Music Monday posts for a couple of reasons. One, I’m trying to get myself set up on a regular blogging schedule and having content to write about will really help with that. Two, I love music and I love sharing songs I like […]