Read ‘Em and Weep

One of the things I’ve been working on lately is stepping outside of my comfort zone. Surprisingly – it has been a LOT easier than I ever imagined it would be! 🙂 I’ve always been one to jump at experiences whenever they’ve been presented to me. That’s nothing new. I’m […]

Major Changes In My Life

  I hate that I haven’t been blogging lately. There has been a LOT going on – major changes in my life. I’m not able to blog about a lot of the changes right now, but trust me… when the dust settles it’s fair game! 🙂 It’s all good stuff […]

Feeling Overwhelmed

I have been feeling so unbelievably overwhelmed lately! I can’t seem to find any down time and I absolutely can NOT relax. Nope, not one bit. 🙁 The lack of relaxation is an ongoing problem. Years and years and YEARS. I’m really trying to make an effort to learn HOW […]

Trying A Paper “Planner” – Again

I go back and forth on paper planners/notebooks all the time. They work, and then they don’t, then they do, then they don’t, etc. I’ve had my large leather Arc notebook for several months now. A friend got me interested in the Arc notebook system after I had picked up […]

Passion – A Revelation

I like to listen to EOFire while I’m working out in the morning. It’s a nice FIRED UP way to start my day! I’m a bit behind on the episodes and working through them at my own pace. Yesterday I was listening to this episode with Ever Gonzalez and he was […]