FREE Kindle Book: Vision To Reality by Honoree Corder

“Truly, when you do what you love, money, success, and happiness are sure to follow.” – Honoree Corder (When you follow the link above, just make sure you click on “Buy Now With 1-click” to make your “purchase.”) I am so excited that Amazon has Honoree Corder’s “Vision to Reality: How […]

I Could Do Anything…

I Could Do Anything… If I Only Knew What It Was: How To Discover What You Really Want And How To Get It Needless to say, when I saw this book title I found it VERY appropriate!! Really – how could this NOT be calling my name? I’m enjoying the […]

Really Enjoying Reading

My favorite part of the morning these days is reading! It’s really getting the juices flowing in my brain – I love this!! This morning I read more of the ebook I had downloaded last night. Indifferent on it so far, but it’s rather intriguing. We’ll see how I feel […]

The Art Of Non-Conformity

  Silly me realized yesterday that I had borrowed a few audio books from the library and completely FORGOT about them! No wonder I was feeling like I had nothing to listen to and learn. 🙁 I decided that The Art of Non-Conformity appealed to me the most, so I […]

Intriguing Ebook: Zero Hour Workweek

Oh my – has it really been almost a MONTH since I last posted. Wow, I suck at this. 🙁 Been dealing with some issues and I have NOT felt like blogging. Not one bit!! Not even my Music Monday posts. That’s just sad because I absolutely love music! Needless […]