January Goals 1

Wowie… has it really been over a MONTH since I last posted a blog entry?!? I logged in here and had a ton of updates to do. That’s not good. December sure was an absolute BUST. November was going so well, then December rolled around and I got sick. I’m […]

Aperture Practice

One of my goals for the month of November is to finally master using my camera. I have been watching tutorials and reading books and I finally felt ready to pick up my camera and try things out. My first attempt at that was yesterday and I gave up rather […]

Setting SMART Goals

I’ve been working on setting up my journal for the Best Month Ever challenge for November. I’m having a little bit of trouble setting my SMART goals, but little by little the ideas are coming to me. Here’s what I have so far: Yes, I realize the chart is blank!! […]

Goals For The Week: 10/04/15 – 10/10/15

I’m having a productive morning so far, but of course FAST running out of time. Still can’t complain though. My own fault I didn’t get up a half hour earlier like I wanted to, but I just didn’t sleep well. That needs to change TONIGHT! I just wanted to jot […]

Walking, Walking, And More Walking 2

My company started a walking challenge a couple of weeks ago. Great timing as I had been wanting to start walking but I just hadn’t worked myself up enough to GO. That was just the kick I needed to get moving, even though I don’t at all care about winning […]